This page has been created to provide an overview of the charges and information relating to Holiday Home Ownership on a West Dorset Leisure Holidays Park.


Company Profile

West Dorset Leisure Holidays (WDLH) is a family owned business that purchased Highlands End, the first park in 1971, and have continued to develop and enhance the parks over the years.

WDLH are members of the British Holiday & Home Parks Association (BH&HPA).

The BH&HPA represents the interest of over 2500 caravan parks across the UK and the business works within the framework of the good practices adopted and encouraged by the association


All of our New Caravan Holiday Homes are constructed to a minimum of the European standard EN1647.

They are designed for occasional holiday occupation and not for use as permanent residences.

Both our Local Authority Site Licence and the Caravan Holiday Home Pitch Licence Agreements clearly state that Holiday Homes cannot be used as a permanent residence.

To protect our holiday site licence and owners of holiday homes, regular checks are made to ensure that this rule is enforced. WDLH will verify that you have a permanent residence normally on a bi annual basis, by requesting various forms of identification and proof of address in accordance with the Park Rules and the Site Licence.

Breaching the occupancy regulations may result in the Pitch Licence Agreement being terminated.

The period when you can use your Holiday Home is set out on the data sheet.

Opening Dates

The Parks are all open from 1st March to 30th November for Caravan Holiday Home Owners. For Lodge owners in Bow Meadow and Jurassic Retreat at Larkfield Holiday Park, the season is 46 weeks or 10.5 months with a 6 week close period falling in Jan/Feb – these dates vary each year.

Licence Fee / Pitch Licence Agreement

Each new Caravan Holiday Home is sold with a 15 year Pitch Licence Agreement and each new Lodge Holiday Home at Larkfield Holiday Park is sold with a 35 year Pitch Licence Agreement. This is from 1st January following date of purchase. This ensures that owners have security and the standard of the Caravans on our parks is kept high. Pre-Owned Holiday Homes are sold with the balance of the 15 year or 35 year term.

The annual pitch licence fee for new and used Caravan Holiday Homes is listed on the data sheet, which also explains when the Holiday Homes can be occupied and when the pitch licence fee is due.  You are able to pay your Pitch Licence fee, via standing order over 7 monthly payments; there is a charge for this service which is clearly listed on the standing order form. The standing order forms are sent out in December, with the end of season newsletter.

The pitch licence fee will rise annually in line with the terms of the Pitch Licence Agreement. If you purchase a Holiday Home part way through the season these charges are apportioned pro rata; should you decide to sell any rebates due are paid in line with the terms specified in the Pitch Licence Agreement.

The sections of the Sample Pitch Licence Agreement that are highlighted in yellow will be clearly explained to you at the point of sale. Should you require a copy prior to visiting the Park, this can be supplied via email or post, along with a copy of the Park Rules.

If you have any queries regarding the Sample Pitch Licence Agreement please do not hesitate to ask.

At the end of the 15-year Pitch Licence Agreement the company will arrange for your Caravan to be removed from the pitch and made available for collection by a Caravan transportation company. You can, of course, part-exchange your holiday home for a new model at any time during the licence period and a new licence period would be issued.

Please see the data sheet for charges for the removal of caravan from the pitch. Should a crane be required an additional fee may be charged. If you wish for any decking to be disposed of there will be a charge for this service.

Holiday Home Specification

 The specification of our new holiday homes includes double glazing, central heating and a fridge or fridge freezer, options like a galvanized chassis, bed covers and additional insulation are generally optional extras and are therefore chargeable and can be ordered, if you wish.

Items like insulation may vary between models/manufacturers but are often part of an upgrade package. If you have any specific requirements, please ask a member of the Sales Team.


You are required to ensure that you have comprehensive insurance for your Caravan Holiday Home at all times. Information is available from the Sales Office.

Our preferred insurers are Thistle Insurance Services and we manage a company scheme. If you have not already signed up to the park scheme please ask us to explain the very competitive rates, conditions and the benefit of our team to assist you should an incident happen.

Thistle insurances covers, the decking and skirting and debris removal in the event of a disaster.  The policy provides 2 million pounds of public liability cover should the unexpected occur.   A Disaster Recovery Team Member will be available should something unfortunate happen on the park.

Prior to handover of your new Holiday Home, we will require a copy of your insurance if you decide not to join the park scheme. This is for our records; we have a responsibility to ensure that all homes are insured.


The level of supply to your caravan will vary according to the pitch, but across the park it is sufficient for all your lighting and small electrical appliances. In some areas of the park, the supply is restricted and should you plug in additional electric heating or a power appliance this may cause the trip switch in the caravan fuse box to trip out.

You will be invoiced in November for your electricity, with the charges being calculated from your caravan’s meter readings. The rate per unit varies from park to park but a pence per unit charge is given on the invoice. All electricity charges attract VAT at the applicable rate.

In the case of pre-owned Caravans, the meter is always read on the completion date and the vendors are charged for electricity used up to that point along with the standing charge.


The cooking and central heating in your Holiday Home are powered by LPG.

We would strongly advise that you have an annual safety check and service of your gas appliances.

By law you are obligated to have a Gas Safety Check by an approved fitter; if you allow any person who is not listed on the purchase agreement to use your holiday home. This is very important and you could be the subject of a HSE investigate if there is an incident in your caravan.

The gas unit charges and the cost of replacement gas cylinders are listed on the data sheet. The costs of an Annual Service and Landlords Safety Certificate are listed on the end of season newsletter.

Local rates, water and sewerage charges

The charges for the non-domestic rates, water and sewerage are included in the annual pitch licence fee but are shown separately on the invoice.

Owner’s Subletting

The Purchase Agreement and Licence Agreement record that the hiring out of a holiday home is not permitted. Your caravan Holiday Home may only be used for holidays by you, your family and friends and not in return for payment.

To ensure we are aware of who is staying on the park in the event of an accident, disaster or police enquiry, we would insist that you or your visitors complete the “park registration form” detailing the dates and specifying each occupant of your holiday home and their ages if they are under 18, along with a contact telephone number and vehicle registration number.

Should your visitors require the non-emergency services of a park warden during the stay, we will charge you a £20.00 plus VAT call out fee which includes up to 15 minutes of labour charges.

Leisure Club at Highlands End Holiday Park

There are a variety of membership charges to use the facilities which are listed on the Park Data Sheet.

All owners are provided with Bronze membership although they can upgrade to Silver or Gold Membership for an additional charge as listed on the park data sheet.

Children under the age of 15 years old need to be supervised by a responsible adult at all times. There is no lifeguard or supervisory cover of the swimming pool so any non – swimmers, will need to be accompanied by a competent swimmer over 18 years of age. The gymnasium, sauna and steam room cannot be used by any person under 18 years of age.


The Park Manager/ Sales Person will be happy to give you the contact details of our preferred suppliers.

We do not permit owners to construct their own decking and only permit UPVC decking to be installed on the parks. The maximum width of any new deck (where Site Licence terms permit) is normally 6ft wide. Full terms of the Company’s decking policy can be found in the Park Rules.

Any amendments, improvements or refurbishment must also be approved by the Park Manager. Any decking included in the purchase price of a new Holiday Home will be listed on the purchase order form.


Can only be installed with the written approval of the Park Manager, we are happy to provide quotation on request.

Park Rules

A copy of the Park Rules is available from the Sales Team – sales@wdlh.co.uk. These exist to ensure that everyone using the park abides by certain minimum standards and has a safe and enjoyable time with us.

Car Parking

On the majority of pitches there is space for one car to be parked next to the Caravan and additional cars may be parked in the car park. Vans, Commercial Vehicles or Motor Homes are not permitted to be parked between the Caravan Holiday Homes. We would ask that you do not park on the grass beside your holiday home if the ground is water logged.

Please note the parking of boats next to the caravan is not permitted.

Holiday Home Finance

Having offered finance for many years we withdrew this service in 2015 as we were no longer able to compete competitively with Supermarket rates from companies like Sainsbury’s, Tesco and online price comparison sites like MoneySavingExpert.com headed by Martin Lewis; as seen on ITV.


We have a good range of 2 and 3 bedroom Holiday Homes for sale and 4 bedroom Holiday Homes are also available. Please take a look at www.wdlh.co.uk alternatively you can enquire at the Park’s Sales Office or Main Reception.  Please advise us on 01308 426917 or sales@wdlh.co.uk if you intend to visit the Park so that we can ensure that someone is available to show you around and answer your questions.

In addition to the new stock listed on our Sales List & Website we have access to the local showgrounds of two Distributors with up to 30 new Holiday Homes from leading manufacturers ABI, Atlas, BK Bluebird, Swift and Willerby. The showgrounds in Bridport are a short distance from the parks.

What’s Included

The advertised price of a new Holiday Home includes the purchase of the Holiday Home, transport, siting, connection to services, Ramtech alarm system (ongoing charges apply) basic steps, smoke and carbon monoxide detectors, fridge or freezer, TV aerial or satellite dish and VAT.

The listed price for a Pre-Owned Holiday Home includes the purchase of the Holiday Home any decking / steps that have already been installed and VAT. The owner’s personal effects and contents of the holiday home (items not included in the holiday home when sold for the first time) are not included unless specified on the purchase order.

The listed price of any Holiday Home does not include the annual Pitch Licence Fee, utility charges and local rates unless specified.

If you decide to purchase a Holiday Home on a WDLH Park you will be provided with a Draft Pitch Licence Agreement, the Money Laundering Regulations (2012) and a copy of the Park Rules; which are for you to read and retain. Should you have any queries at any time with regard to the purchasing process, please do not hesitate to ask.

On purchasing a Holiday Home, you will be required to supply the relevant documentation as required by The Money Laundering Regulations (2012) and pay a minimum of 10% deposit on a new home or £2000 on a pre-owned model by either bank transfer or by debit card.

Please ensure that you have received and read the Park Rules and Licence Agreement and understand what happens when the Licence Agreement comes to an end before agreeing to purchase a caravan.

Cancellation Procedure

It is really important that you are fully aware of your obligations when purchasing a Holiday Home – if there is anything you are unsure of or you wish to have explained to you in more detail please do not hesitate to ask before agreeing to purchase.

Should you decide to withdraw from the purchase of a new or Company owned Holiday Home within 5 days of agreeing to purchase; we will refund your deposit and cancel the sale.

We act as agents for the vendors of all the privately owned Holiday Homes for which no cooling off period is provided.  Therefore, should you decide to withdraw from your agreement to purchase one of the privately-owned units then some of your deposit may be forfeited if costs are incurred by the owner of the caravan. We will inform you if the Holiday Home that you are intending to buy is not company owned.

Selling your Holiday Home

If you decide to sell your Holiday Home then the Park Sales Team will arrange for it to be inspected and provide you with their recommendations. We will not market a holiday home without written consent from the vendor to rectify items that we consider a health and safety concern like broken steps and the wiring of additional electric points by someone not qualified in this field. Vendors will need to vacate their Holiday Home 7 days prior to an agreed completion date so that items like Gas and Electric safety checks (chargeable) can be completed prior to handover. Should an inside or outside clean be required we will complete this work and charge the vendor accordingly.

The assignment fee is 15% of the purchase price plus VAT on all caravans sold on the park. This is explained fully in the Licence Agreement.

Holiday Home Warranty

All new Holiday Homes come with a manufacturer’s warranty. The details of what is covered and how long for vary between manufacturers. Wear and tear to individual components is generally excluded. The warranty terms for new Holiday Homes are listed in the manufacturers brochure that corresponds to the model year of the holiday home. The appliance warranty registration forms are left in the manufacturers handbook within the kitchen drawer and it is the purchasers responsibility to complete them.

Please report any warranty claims to the Park Manager or Park Warden who will submit them to the manufacturer.

We guarantee to repair or replace any electrical/gas appliance supplied in our Company Owned units for three months from the date of purchase – this excludes items already covered by either a new Holiday Home warranty or the appliance manufacturer’s guarantee.

There is no warranty on “client sales” as we only act as an “agent” on behalf of the vendor.

Pitch Licence Fee Annual Review

As per the Pitch Licence agreement these take place on 1st June (review date) and are based on the following factors:-

Inflation, any charges outside our control such as rates, water rates and other charges paid to third parties, including those caused by a change in law or rates of taxation – an example of this is the increase in the Minimum Wage.  Capital Expenditure – sums spent by us on the Park and or its facilities for the benefit of Caravan Owners or as requirement in the Parks Site Licence. Changes in our operating costs including those brought about by changes in law or rates of taxation. An increase in the period the park is open and the Market rates for pitch fees.


As a Holiday Home owner you are responsible for the maintenance of the Holiday Home and Sun Decking. It is recommended that you clean the exterior of your Holiday Home and Sun Decking at least once a year. A member of the Reception Team will be able to supply you with a contact number for a local cleaning company.

Closing your Holiday Home for the winter

At present the park maintenance team undertakes the drain down and turn-on of your caravan holiday home. This is a service included in your pitch fee and may have to be reviewed if the opening times of the park are varied and this requires additional work depending on the period of time that the caravan is occupied. This service is carried out when the park closes for the winter period.

It is essential that you turn off the water and services to the caravan when not occupied and this is particularly important late and early season when a localised frost could cause damage to the fittings and the caravan will flood if the water is not turned off. If this happens it is most likely that your insurance policy will NOT cover the damage.


Owners are allowed to bring up to two dogs on the park these must be registered with the park reception and wear collars with the owners contact details on. Dogs that are specified under the dangerous dog’s act 1991 – breeds that are bred for fighting – are not permitted on the park.

Our policy on the specified dogs will be varied to reflect any changes in the specified dogs as a result of future reviews of the Act. Further information regarding Pets & Dogs are contained in the Park Rules.

Complaints procedure

If you have a formal complaint, please contact the Park Manager. Alternatively, for less formal matters, please speak to a member of the Reception Team.

Anything Else

Please feel free to ask any questions you may have or call us on 01308 426917 to book an appointment to view. Out of hours you can view our current sales list here

If you decide to purchase a Holiday Home on a West Dorset Leisure Park you will be asked to read the Park Rules and Licence Agreement prior to purchase. These documents will add further detail to the information specified above.